[FIFA News] Hernandez hats, 5-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen Borussia

12/13/2015 7:54:54 AM

On a 1-1 draw with Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League group stages Barca failed to regret. While Borussia is 4-2 and lost to Manchester City away to regret also failed to win the group. But Borussia this season was not disappointed, because the coaching Borussia has ten consecutive games unbeaten league, outstanding performance, has returned to the league 4, and a former Hertha Berlin just three points. Start of the race. Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia teams have tacit competition for control of the midfield, both teams have 11 minutes until the center of the box the first leg. The first 11 minutes, Del Mickey is blocked long-range defensive player. The first 14 minutes, Traore cross-body long-range kick was saved by Leno. The first 18 minutes, Leverkusen before the games kick, direct free kick Pradesh Khan Oulu center of the box but unfortunately over the bar. The first 26 minutes, Borussia hit back, Shitingdeer unconventional action pass, Del Mickey small angle lob but was astute grasp Leno. The first 29 minutes, Hilbert pass, after Kiessling header plug into the corner, 1-0! Leverkusen lead. The first 33 minutes, Bei Lala hit the center of the box than the long-range defensive player fell refraction but Suo Moer blocked. The first 38 minutes, Borussia hit back, Cobb formation of single, young flashed if Natan - tower, but deviated from the goal kick Qiaoshe regret missed opportunities to tie. The first 41 minutes, sweat Pradesh Oulu center of the box free-kick hit the post! Then the end of the first half, Leverkusen 1-0 Borussia temporarily lead into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half. Both sides made substitutions adjustment, Hilbert was Donati replaced. And Borussia has made two substitutions to adjust, Raphael and Arvedi bench replaced Traore and Jan Cheek. The first 47 minutes, up to Hood try long shots but missed the goal. The first 54 minutes, up to Hood helped Borussia wins a free kick, coming off the bench Rafael takes the woodwork! Another missed opportunity. The first 58 minutes, sweat Pradesh Oulu free kick pass, but Kiessling header over the bar. The first 63 minutes, Kiessling heel pass, cut inside flashed defender Hernandez shot the ball broke, 2-0! Leverkusen expand the score. The first 65 minutes, and is Kiessling! Leverkusen won the corner kick opportunity to direct a header on goal against fly to score the door along, 3-0! Bayer Leverkusen scored twice within three minutes. The first 74 minutes, Kiessling catch mistakes before Fanqiang Borussia directly across Hernandez, who Bajiaonushe direct broke, 4-0! Hernandez scored twice. The first 76 minutes, Bei Lala than break the bottom line pass, Suo Moer attack errors, Hernandez pushed Kongmen succeeded, 5-0! Little Pea easily get a hat-trick. The first 79 minutes, Hernandez replaced by substitutes accepted the audience cheered. The first 87 minutes, Kanpur was Fred replaced the bench. The first 88 minutes, Bei Lala facing four defensive players than the closed front foot shot but slightly off the goal miss. In the end, 5-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen at home to Borussia, termination League opponents last ten games unbeaten.

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