[FIFA News] Chelsea beat Manchester City hope to sign Guardiola

12/22/2015 3:54:43 PM

Chelsea prepared a big check, I hope glamorous London lifestyle can beat Manchester City to sign Guardiola as its trump card.

2012, Guardiola has refused to Chelsea, but not with Bayern Guardiola announced the contract, Abu Guardiola still obsessed. Manchester City is currently the most promising sign Guardiola, but Abu hope to the world's highest salaries and generous coach coaching team salary to get Guardiola. Abu Mourinho after school issued a statement, will have to take over Chelsea marshal. Abu alone but also know that money is not Guardiola, but Guardiola's wife Sarah might prefer to live in London.

Mike Mussina before class, the weekly salary of up to 250,000 pounds, Abu will try to impress Guardiola with a huge salary. Guardiola has assessed the Chelsea squad, he believes the Blues need to sign 10 new players. Guardiola had expressed their willingness to win the Champions League after Chelsea Chelsea helm, but he ultimately rejected the Blues. After Boas was fired, DiMatteo took over the team. Guardiola had told friends, Chelsea is not stable enough, so he chose to Bayern in 2013. Abu was very angry at that time, but Chelsea will not give up contact with Guardiola.

Guardiola is currently in contention, Manchester City lead. Manchester City has long been concerned for Guardiola, Manchester City CEO Soriano and sporting director for vital sign Guardiola, who had worked in Barcelona. Abramovich to Chelsea sporting director Aimo Gennaro pressure, I hope he can win Guardiola.

Chelsea's other options as well Atletico coach Diego Simeone and Juventus coach Allegri, but they are not as outstanding achievements of Guardiola. Guardiola at Bayern got two league titles, the Champions League but the lack of a breakthrough. Guardiola himself two weeks notice will be leaving Bayern, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said he already knew where to go Guardiola: "I know he wants to go team, but the message should by him and his The new club to announce. Christmas party two weeks ago, Guardiola told me he wanted to seek new challenges, but also to apologize to me. This decision is not easy, I will not disappoint him. "

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