[FIFA News] Liverpool 0-3 away defeat Waterford

12/21/2015 3:30:41 PM

Klopp after taking office in Liverpool and no significant improvement in the state, the current standings only 24 points in the standings ninth, while newly promoted Watford's performance is to make the fans overjoyed, can be ranked in the standings before the first round of competition position seven. Opening just three minutes, Bogdan flapping in the defensive corner instability, Aker will hit the empty net after the ball under succeed, The score became 1-0 away from home on weak footing Liverpool passive. The first nine minutes, Lallana right foot shot blocked defender. The first 11 minutes, Coutinho frontier closed area hit the door was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 15 minutes, Abdi circle find Yi Haluo long pass nearby, after which the body Kangzhu Skrtel with his right foot volley the ball straight to score the door far corner, the score became 2-0. The first 41 minutes, Skrtel injured can not continue to insist that it is replacing Ao Liji play.

Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Moreno left foot hit the door closed on the left of the bottom line. The first 57 minutes, Liverpool organized counterattack, Ao Liji cross struck the restricted area on the right after running, first to the ball defender siege. The first 59 minutes, close to Yi Haluo bottom line return, keep up Dini back foot hit the door was shut, Lallana ball Chudi Xian. The first 63 minutes, Jurado Zhisai help Yiha Luo opportunity to obtain single-handedly, the latter face Bogdan's shot was blocked the bottom line. The first 66 minutes, Henderson burst right foot shot by Gomez denied the crossbar. The first 77 minutes, Henderson perimeter a long-range defensive player denied the bottom line. The first 85 minutes, Behrami right pass, Yi Haluo header Qiangdian ball into the top center of the box, the score became 3-0. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Liverpool lost away to regret Waterford.

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