[FIFA News] Club World Cup final Barcelona 3-0 riverbed

12/21/2015 3:16:20 PM

Club World Cup battle 10 days finally came the highlight of the AFC championship game against Barcelona on Guangzhou Hengda audience suppression of opponents staged by the Suarez hat-trick to beat. The river side, playing face of the Japanese J League champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima, in the case of the audience into the scene is not dominated by the top winning goal Ira Rio lore opponents. MSN campaign neat Barcelona return to the starting lineup, described best players together. Should the tournament to win the title, Barcelona will become the only team three times won the Club World Cup team, also the team title 2015 Item 5 of the year. Start of the race. 10 minutes before the game, the riverbed at physical force Barcelona before closing down the ball after the field is difficult. Until the first 10 minutes, Iniesta restricted area arc to Messi inside the area, whose low shot was saved Barrow Belo fell to the ground with one hand, the formation of the first shot. The first 15 minutes, Alba Sanchez affixed to sliding tackles, although the legs but still booked uprooting the other side. The first 23 minutes, Neymar left feint pass after the point after to find the forward runs of Alves, whose volley was obtained Barrow Bello hands. The first 30 minutes, low shot from outside the box Ira Rio trip kick after Bravo fell to the ground after being refracted flew. The first 32 minutes, Pang Xiao tipped behind Busquets booked, the two sides getting stronger smell of gunpowder. With Hou Meixi direct free kick just wide of the right column center of the box. The first 35 minutes, Alves on the right pass, find Neymar point inside the area to Messi, who left the ejection network, 1-0! The first 37 minutes, Messi straight to Soares inside the area, whose shot was confiscated Barrow Bello. The first 42 minutes, Rakitic Feichan Biwudesi booked. First half injury time, Messi on the right straight to Suarez, the latter's shot hit the target community. Then the end of the first half, Barca 1-0 halftime lead riverbed.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 45 minutes, the riverbed first to make substitutions to adjust, respectively, by Gonzalez and Martinez replaced Pang Xiao and Mora. The first 48 minutes, Barcelona the formation of rapid counter-attack, Busquets kick pass to Suarez, the latter pole broke, 2-0! The first 52 minutes, Messi plug inside the restricted area after Neymar cross knock to the latter's shot was weak Barrow Belo clinging sideways. The first 54 minutes, Messi hit the door after the break siege balanta the line. The first 55 minutes, two men were balanta Neymar after the break down in the penalty area, the referee ignored. The first 57 minutes, Suarez pole was denied by the legs of Belo Barrow. The first 61 minutes, Neymar scraping booked for a foul. The first 66 minutes, Roberto replaced Rakitic. The first 68 minutes, Neymar cross from the left found Soares inside the area, who headed to the far corner of the net top, 3-0! The first 71 minutes, to the other players booked when Roberto slide. The first 76 minutes, break opportunity riverbed, unfortunately header was blocked Bravo. The first 80 minutes, Weiermalun replaced Mascherano. The first 83 minutes, Martinez to get rid of high-quality long-range kick after the Bravo test, after the latter threw the ball hit the post. The first 88 minutes, Mathieu replaced Neymar. Then the two sides failed to rewrite the score again in the end, Barcelona 3-0 victory over the riverbed.

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