[FIFA News] Inter Milan 4-0 Udinese

12/13/2015 7:46:01 AM

The home record this season, Udinese relatively general, currently only ranked No. 13 in the standings, the last round 0-3 defeat to Fiorentina guest; and this round of competition, the top five of the other four teams in Serie A will catch on the athletic field , once a guest of the Nerazzurri three points, it is expected to continue to expand the lead in the standings. Inter Milan fullback, Danbu Rocio round suspension, but Changyouyoudou lifted back, the French midfielder Hole Shakespeare returned from injury. This summer, joining on loan from Barcelona fullback Montoya finally get the chance. Start of the race. The first three minutes, melon forest center of the box but then shot the ball deviate Montoya goal. The first six minutes, Inter Milan get fast-break opportunities, Perisic return in front, Vidic Tui Kaneiqisi cross body but was saved! He missed a great opportunity to break. The first seven minutes, Perisic because early foul booked. The first nine minutes, Ed Nelson is blocked long-range defensive player. The first 15 minutes, Teles foul dyed yellow again. The first 20 minutes, but was blocked Taylor long-range defensive player. The first 21 minutes, Ljajic foul dyed yellow. The first 23 minutes, Ronaldinho grabbed Ica mistakes behind Udinese, small-angle shot direct kick to break the deadlock, 0-1! Ica Jordi head start for the visiting team. The first 26 minutes, but he was blocked long-range kick Wagner defensive player. The first 31 minutes, Udinese defense again send gift, Vidic Fanqiang success, despite the attack Kaneiqisi clever lob break, 0-2! Inter Milan extended the score. The first 35 minutes, Taylor's long-range flying saved by Handanovic. The first 40 minutes, melon forest Unfortunately, long-range attempt over the bar. Then the end of the first half, Inter Milan 2-0 Udinese temporarily lead into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 49 minutes, Lodi try long shots slightly off center of the box but the goal. The first 56 minutes, Ed Nelson shot the ball deviated from the center of the box goal. The first 60 minutes, Ronaldinho received Ica Houchangchangzhuan headed a little lightly, but after the plug Ljajic did not play a positive. The first 61 minutes, Vidic was replaced by a substitute, Brozovic debut. The first 69 minutes, but directs it Iturra shot just wide. The first 76 minutes, Wade Mel long-range attempt was blocked defender. The first 79 minutes, Di Natale was benched. The first 83 minutes, Udinese defense again committed an error, Ica Jordi Fanqiang success and make some adjustments shot to break again, 0-3! Ica Ronaldinho scored twice. The first 86 minutes, after cutting inside Brozovic Bajiaonushe tag through the goal corners, Kaneiqisi worth fighting less watched soccer net, 0-4! Brozovic icing on the cake. The first 90 minutes, Ronaldinho Ica replaced by Mana Yi bench. Eventually, Inter Milan 4-0 away victory over Udinese, to continue to consolidate the top position.

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