[FIFA News] Mihajlovic: class? I never worried

12/18/2015 4:09:11 PM

In the Italian Cup after beating Sampdoria, AC Milan coach Mihajlovic praised the team's personality, and said he never worried about the class of rumors.In Mala Xi stadium, the Rossoneri with Perpignan and Vaca scored in a 2-0 win over Sampdoria, the successful promotion of the Italian Cup quarter-finals, but also to being in dire straits coach relieve the pressure.We have to win, we did it," Miha after the game told Rai. "The road leading to the finals is not insurmountable (quarterfinals against Carpi, then Spezia or Alexandria), which is very different from the meaning of the league. We show our personality, and now the team will Ready and competition within Frosinone, we can spend a quiet Christmas. "

After successive draw with relegation Carpi and Verona, Milan is already in deep trouble it? "Verona against Carpi and the results are not positive, because our name is Milan. They should have won the game, and I think we deserved to win tonight, we should put it behind us, as we We did before, but we deserved to win. If we beat Verona, we have nine games, scored 18 points, or an average of 2 points per game harvest, so the results can ensure that the team into the Champions League. We did not get the opportunity to make full use of, but I never lost confidence, and we are confident that the team can achieve their goals. 

Niang scored in the last five games, 4 goals, 1 assist and dedication, whether he has become the head coach of love will? "Perpignan is a very young player," talked about this 20-year-old French teenager, Mijares said. "His problem is the need to find stability, whether the game or the whole week of training. When he grew up spiritually, he will be very strong, because he has been very outstanding technical and physical.It all depends on Niang himself, he needs to stay focused, not satisfied with this. I would rather he always put the ball control in the foot, and when he ball break, when the opponent is difficult to stop his progress, he is a left and right feet very good player. He is a vital player. Earlier, there were rumors of Milan Chairman Silvio Berlusconi very unhappy team's performance, but also news that club executives are brewing coaching change. But Mihajlovic stressed that he is not worried.

I would not consider certain things," Michal says. "I only consider work now. I have a strong personality, these rumors flowing like water duck's back, a slip and fall, will not affect me. I'm not worried, because the team in training shows very high standard. If the team is training well, I will be worried, but that is not true. We are a united group. Milan will face Carpi in the Italian Cup quarter-finals, if the cut will be in the semifinals and then the winner of Spezia and Alexandria were among confrontation. Schedule so wonderful, all the way to Milan whether finals?There never was easy game, Carpi defeated Florence, won the Italian Cup is very important, but we need a game to consider. I am very confident about the future.This summer, this Serbian coach from Sampdoria to switch to the San Siro. Reporters finally asked, Milkha back tonight, this stadium has been successful, how it feels? "Mala Xi will always be my home, always a wonderful feeling to come back. I hope Milan and Sampdoria both clubs are able to get better results, but I believe (Sampdoria coach) Montella will be well done job. "

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