[FIFA News] Liga - Messi mass shooting Jiangong La Barca were two goals ahead 2-2 tie

12/13/2015 7:20:47 AM

Beijing on December 12 evening 23:00, 15/16 season, the Primera Liga 15 to usher in a crucial battle. At the Nou Camp, the defending champion Barcelona 2-2 draw at home Deportivo. Messi and Rakitic help Barcelona two goals ahead, Lucas and Bell Gan Platini Oslo with two goals as Deportivo equalizer. In the case of multiple game in Barcelona Atletico points advantage ahead 3 points.

In league history, two teams a total of 86 times clash, Barcelona 49 wins and 17 flat 20 negative, have conceded more than 99 192. At home against Deportivo, Barcelona record of 33 wins, seven draws and three losses, have conceded more than 43 119. The last time Barca lost to Deportivo, occurred in 34 of the 07/08 season, when Barcelona lost 2-0. Barca rotation 7, Alves lifted back, Bravo, Pique, Mascherano, Busquets, Iniesta and Louis - Suarez among the starting lineup. Douglas, Neymar and Rafinha sidelined through injury, Turan and Vidal no registration status, Maxi Pu missed the big list for technical reasons.

The first four minutes Messi Road cross, Sandro left the restricted area headed back swing, Suarez penalty points on the left foot volley ejection side kick. 12 minutes Messi Road 27 meters left foot kick, the ball accurately determine Lux Puzhu. 14 minutes Juanfran right cross, Jonathan small restricted area on the left foot Tui was Bravo single-handedly denied by the legs. 21 minutes Alves on the right pass, Louis - Suarez nodded the ball back to knock away before Massey Road left foot Tui small restricted area inside Sid blocked. 26 minutes Alba left cross, Macy closed road left foot volley Tuishe big kick high, two minutes after Suarez restricted area arc left foot Tui was turned flutter.

Road-point shot 30 minutes Iniesta, Messi restricted area arc on the right foot Tui was Lux saved the bottom line. 1 minute 后阿尔维斯 right pass, Suarez Closed Road shakes shot tallest. 34 minutes Alves Road, kick right foot shot from 25 meters high, 39 minutes Suarez create a free kick opportunity, Messi restricted area arc left foot curve ball tag through the goal on the right corner. 1 to 0, leading Barcelona home! 40 minutes Luís Carlos Correia Pinto kicked Busquets was booked after three minutes before Suarez restricted the right foot shot sliding doors, 45 minutes Iniesta closed arc side kick Tui right foot.

Opening the second half with Juan La - Domingos replaced Luís Carlos Correia Pinto, 45 seconds Houlukasi Road Direct, Jonathan left the restricted area outside the instep of his right foot lob was flapping. Fa Jier 47 minutes left 45 degrees, restricted the right of Jonathan Chan She volley side kick. 49 minutes Alves on the right was the top pass out, Iniesta left the restricted area before the right foot volley kick biased. 51 minutes Louis - Suarez restricted the right of cross-knock after continuous spike get rid of the two, Ali Bath grab Sandro kick in the air in front complete siege. 54 minutes Messi Road cross, Alba left the restricted area after the plug cross knock, Louis - Suarez outflank break was blown offside. Depor Lewis - Alberto replaced Jonathan, even after 59 minutes Messi had two restricted the right foot Tui kick high.

62 minutes Messi cross, Rakitic restricted right-foot strike the right front left corner of the goal. 2-0, Barcelona to expand the advantage, Rakitic broke the league this season for the first time! Tai raid 66 minutes Messi Road Closed Road left foot shot, the ball was back shovel out, Barcelona Sandro replaced by Munir. 70 minutes Messi Road Direct, Suarez restricted the right foot low shot was rushed. Laure kick 71 minutes behind Suarez was booked, Barca's comeback with Roberto replaced Rakitic. 74 minutes Miguel - Cardoso closed arc right foot shot, the ball hit the crossbar bounced back inside the refractive inside Lucas blank range header to break a small restricted area but offside.

Barca's comeback Mathieu replaced with Alba, 77 minutes Miguel - Cardoso forward pass, restricted the right of Lucas left after Tuishe break the offside trap. 1 to 2, Depor pulled one back! 79 minutes Alves restricted the right front foot shot was saved by Lucas, one minute Houmigaier - Cardoso restricted the right foot volley kick biased. 86 minutes Busquets midfielder return errors, Lucas Road-point shot, the right side of the penalty area Oswald Bell Gan Platini right foot Tuishe. 2 to 2, Deportivo tie the game! Lucas, 90 minutes pass, Miguel - Cardoso restricted the right foot shot hit the side net. Final Barcelona is La 2 to 2 draw, more than a game Atletico ahead 3 points.

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