[FIFA News] The cena Joe watch the Manchester city game for the first time in Nigeria

1/19/2017 3:27:04 PM

Manchester city striker giuseppe, cena Joe recently revealed that he has spent 12 pence just saw Manchester city for the first time, it was just reverse Manchester city win the game. He also mentioned the story behind the celebration.

The blue moon striker until 15 years old to have the opportunity to go to Manchester city, because the entrance fee for him to watch the game is a difficult problem. In his hometown in Nigeria, there is only one by the international maritime organization in the process of the place is big screen broadcast premier league game.

Joe seems to be doomed, cena took pains to watch the game last game of city of the 2011/2012 season, aguero victory over QPR, blue moon magically reverse the title. Young Iraqi cena Joe I'm afraid I'd never think after four years, he can play in icon beside aguero.

He in an interview about this: "I am to watch a Manchester city saved up money for a long time. When I can go to the hall watching live, is that the last round of the season. The game is crucial for Manchester city, because of the title race is almost in inches. I am sitting on the bench saw sergio aguero in the last minute goal. Manchester city magically from city rivals Manchester united in the premiership! In TV, aguero took off his shirt, heartily wield, live across the hall of the people into a frenzy."

19, Nigeria has continued: "this is my first watch the Manchester city game. Before that, I have never been to England. I don't know, their will be teammates again in a few years later can and aguero."

After talking about the exciting team to win, the cena Joe again revealed his the story behind the celebration, and this story is some to his sorrow and regret, his mother passed away when he is out of office training.

Therefore, when the cena Joe after  FIFA 17 Coins scoring in the under-17 World Cup in Nigeria, and on behalf of the city, after scoring against Arsenal, Porto, the club will be days of both hands to honour their mother.

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