[FIFA News] An associatealysis of Zhang Jun 's Game in FSL skilled League R10VS

11/12/2016 4:06:50 PM

FIFA Online3 S3 season skilled league game analysis, the skilled league into FIFA 17 Coins the eighth spherical of the track, however conjointly the league season for the sprint and therefore the finish of the relegation battle within the remaining 3 rounds of the sport, the league quality The long-high newbee kin group within the previous race to one wins and half dozen losses record within the last one, and Snake kin group to two wins and five defeats record within the League penultimate position, you'll be able to tell the 2 groups are riding Into the relegation of the harmful space, however the 2 groups still retain the promotion of the playoffs theoretical hope. the 2 groups vie directly against the prospect of their individual kin group.

The two groups within the game organized their initial 1v1 players within the twenty nine season play isn't excellent circumstances, the team R10 picked up the Newbee clan's initial singles player, and Snake kin group Zhang Jun, is that the occupation The league's recent faces, singles strength is one in every of the most effective players within the league, during this league early within the case of 2 goals behind the ultimate success over the ultimate success over Thailand's Naxie Kong. 2 of the strength, likewise because the past record, Zhang Jun seems to be a lot of powerful, however the R10 is additionally enjoying such a troublesome player. that the duel between the 2 is that the focus of this spherical of war.

R10 within the game still follow the acquainted 532 formation, still still defend the counterattack perspective to contend with opponents, will produce opportunities through either side of the attack.

Zhang Jun discharged nearly identical formation and R10 formation, however this kind of defensive counter-attack formation, Zhang Jun is a lot of able to play its strengths.

Match the primary ten minutes

Ibrahimovic header to pass before the ball to the C Nilotic language, C Nilotic language catch the ball long-range, however the ball partial column out.

Match the primary twenty minutes

C Nilotic language frontcourt, choose to pass Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic with no defensive neutral, visited the restricted space kick shot, goal. Zhang Jun initial goal. The score 0-1, Zhang Jun lead.

Match the primary half-hour

Zhang Jun once more get an opportunity to pass to Ibrahimovic, however this point replaced by Cross completed the key to choose the foot pass, Ibrahimovic stony-broke once more, the score rewritten into 0-2.

Match the primary thirty four minutes

R10 ahead of the players ar terribly tightly man-mark, the ball doesn't pass out the case, Alpenp kick a long-range external, however sadly goalkeeper saved. The gap 2 ball's defeat, slightly noncontinuous the R10 rhythm.

Match the primary fifty five minutes

Zhang Jun within the field to play less within the case, there's no likelihood of passing, Torres medical aid within the restricted space to the foot QW, however sadly out of the column out.

Match the primary sixty five minutes

Zhang Jun exploitation personal skills, by Ibrahimovic of the ball passed to the C Nilotic language, R10 would like to use ds off the opponent, but unfortunately Pique intercepted pass to the goalkeeper, but unfortunately the goalkeeper did not timely rescue, was C Luo Grab, and then easy to score the scoreless. The field rewrite the score 0-3.

Match the first 74 minutes

R10 to get the best chance of the field by the Alten ** Pu pass to C Luo, C Luo, a ds turned off defensive player, and then a gold shot, speaking score rewritten into 1-3.

Game 79 minutes

In the two leading the case of the ball, Zhang Jun playing more defense, De Rossi's long-range kick, was goalkeeper forfeiture

Competition summary

The game is the focus of the current round of war, whether it is R10 or Zhang Jun are facing the risk of relegation, we can imagine the importance of this game. So the two were slightly nervous before the game, but the two games or played a smooth and simple attack and transfer with.

R10 this game, did not play to their advantage, we all know that R10 is characterized by powerful ball, like Barcelona, ​​the ball control technology. But the game, R10 and did not play their own advantages, midfield ball and the ball on the front of the delivery, do not very good, wing attack routines have failed to break out, in the face of Zhang Jun This tough opponent, R10 in the scene and the rhythm is indeed weaker than the opponent, this professional league R10 game, rarely found the advantages of R10 in the game, which may 532 formation in this version can not play the role of defensive counterattack , More will pass in front of the fluency down.

Zhang Jun in this game, play to their advantages, Zhang Jun is characterized by passing and shooting more decisive, seize the opportunity and strong, often in the scene, do not see the advantage of Zhang Jun, but the last goal Is Zhang Jun. The game, that is, by Zhang Jun decisive pick the pass judgment, the timely arrival of the ball to the front space players, and then through the same two goals to defeat the R10. Zhang Jun 's defense is the kind of technology to just grams of soft, often pass the delicate players face Zhang Jun will lose their advantage, but was Jun Zhang anti - strike.

In the second field 3V3, Newbee clan lost to the Snake clan, and then the last remaining three rounds of the game, only a victory, only the pure theory of playoff qualifying, but as long as the last three games , Still left hope of relegation.

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