[FIFA News] Rooney help Ibrahimovic broke Bogba Pakistani world Bo Man United 3-1

11/7/2016 10:57:08 AM

2016-17 season England Super League start 11th round of contention. Manchester United won the free-field Stadium, who beat the relegation zone in the Swansea team won nearly five rounds of the first victory, the current score of 18 points to rise to sixth. Bogba 15 minutes world wave to break the deadlock, the first 21 minutes and 33 minutes, Ibrahimovic not only to open the ball to break the ball shortage and scored twice, Wayne Rooney to participate in three goals, including two direct assists. The first 69 minutes, Manchester United defensive free kick error, was VanderHorn hammer regain a ball.

The two sides in the last four encounters are to score 2-1, and Swansea team won three of them, Manchester United last two free-kicks are reversed, if the campaign and then negative, Swansea The team will join Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Southampton as the fifth branch to the Red Devils in the Premiership away to swallow the same site three-game losing streak of the team. The campaign, Mourinho was suspended only in the stands watching, Herrera was also suspended from the game, in addition to Valencia, Bailey, Smolin and Luke - Shaw due to injury and state reasons for absence, Mu Reno made six adjustments, which Phil - Jones debut this season in the defender position and Rojo partner, Ashley - Young guest right back, Damian is in the left side of the road, Feleni and card Rick formed double lumbar, and Bogba injury continues to start.

The first half opening only 2 minutes, Manchester United will complete the first shot. Bogba took the field before the field ball back to the top, Wayne Rooney ball within the restricted area on the left side of the pocket shot wide angle off the bottom line. The next 10 minutes, Manchester United is firmly in control of the ball, but still the lack of effective depth breakthrough. So naturally can not create an effective offensive. 15 minutes, Ibrahimovic, Bogba and Wayne Rooney played in front of the left rib cage team with Borgba Zhise, Rooney ball back to the ball, Van der Horn force Ibrahimovic although to grab the placement of the head Ball siege just to the top of Borgba front, the French midfielder large arc of restricted arc right foot volley will be sent to the upper right corner of the goal, Manchester United 1-0 lead. Mourinho on the stands can not help but applaud. 2 minutes later, Damian cross from the left, Fellaini Road grab shot missed the right column.

The first 21 minutes, Wayne Rooney then Damien pass to get rid of Brittany after Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic frontier closed slightly adjusted Akira open the odds positive defense, 22 meters away from the right foot low shot near the end of the individual break After six consecutive rounds of goals without a ball shortage. Manchester United 2-0 lead, which is the history of the Premiership 25000 goals. The first 25 minutes, Manchester United possession rate of 65%, Swansea team only 35%. The first 33 minutes, Rooney Road, after the ball to Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic restricted area within a button to get rid of Rangel 8 meters left foot play the door left upper corner scored twice, Manchester United 3-0 lead. 35 minutes, Wayne Rooney midfielder began to hit the ball into the restricted area after the left foot shot low angle far. After, Ashley - Young and Degea with almost a good turnaround is just scare. Immediately, Carrick and in the edge of the big box made a key block and tackle. 45 minutes, Damian in the left side of the road but also try to kick high. The first half of the game, Manchester United 3-0 lead Swansea team into halftime.

At the beginning of the second half, Swansea team for even two. However, the first 20 minutes of the game scenes unusually boring, Manchester United dominated the ball though, but both sides to slow-paced way to play the game. The first 67 minutes, Monteiro shot outside the area a large shot hit the defensive player after the missed the bottom line. The first 69 minutes, G-West Jurts release the front right-sided free kick, Manchester United intentionally made offside station off-level, Van der Horn plug in a small restricted area edge of the header to pull back a point. Swansea team then ran out of the last substitutions. The first 76 minutes, Ibrahimovic in the midfield back to recover when knocked down Phil was a yellow card.

The first 77 minutes, Bogba Roho long pass a header, Wayne Rooney was inserted into the restricted area of ​​the ball, Mata does not adjust the direct ejection of the right-hand column just wide. The first 79 minutes, Motta was kicked down behind Montero was booked. Immediately, Mata was replaced by Lingard. The first 83 minutes, Barov big right side of the right side of Phil's distal pass does not adjust the direct shooting goal of the lower right corner, Degea a flaunt Damian foot siege. 85 minutes, Damian defensive Barov directly hit the right knee pain fell to the ground, but the problem is not good. 87 minutes, Wayne Rooney in the offside situation the ball into the opponent's goal is naturally invalid. Immediately, Rooney was replaced by Schneiderling. Injury period, Bogba was also replaced. In the end, Manchester United 3-1 away beat Swansea team all three points.

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