[FIFA News] Dortmund 3: 1 Hoffenheim

2/29/2016 4:43:20 PM

In the last round of league, Dortmund 1-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen, Hoffenheim 3-2 victory over Mainz. The game of the Bundesliga standings with two penultimate two clash. After opening both played more positive. The first 10 minutes, Hoffenheim steals, Bilgi time to attack the ball damage. The first 15 minutes, Tuo Lian left pass, Ute plug, ball Swinburne Germany timely destruction. The first 20 minutes, Kagawa restricted area near the right bottom line ball cross blocked. With the game, Hoffenheim gradually found status. The first 25 minutes, Hoffenheim lead, Folland left shot was saved Bilgi, Rudy Bilgi blank range through the crotch goal, the score became 0-1! The first 29 minutes, steals Ute, Folland, after endo extraordinary shot just wide of the far corner. Dortmund gradual control of the field situation, 32 minutes, Shaheen try to hit long-range high. After 3 minutes, Royce crosses Schmelzer after point deduction over the ball after the defensive shot was saved. The first 42 minutes, Dortmund kick, Royce 'goal, Bowman ball saved the bottom line, Hoffenheim escaped unharmed.

Easy side battles, Dortmund adjustments to make substitutions, Gundogan replace Kagawa play. The first 47 minutes, Gundogan with ball shot hit the post after a breakthrough in a row, followed by Royce blank range hit high. Hoffenheim still counter the threat by Dortmund, are quite a few offensive threats. The first 57 minutes, Dortmund counterattack, when Obame Yang Road, high-speed ball behind Rudy uprooting, the referee direct red card to Rudy! Get the number of leading-edge Dortmund Yuezhanyueyong Hoffenheim to initiate continuous impact. After 3 minutes, Schmelzer left the ball was broken, Shaheen was rushed to keep up with a shot. The first 62 minutes, Pishi Cech opportunity to get the ball in the corner, but unfortunately shot just wide of the far corner. The first 72 minutes, Hoffenheim adjustments to make substitutions, Hamad replace Folland appearances; even for two Dortmund, Sahin and Weigel Ramos and Lightner replaced. The first 79 minutes, Dortmund equalized after issue tactical corner, Mkhitaryan Tui far corner succeeded, the score becomes 1-1! Thereafter, continue Kuanggong Dortmund, Hoffenheim in front of paranoia. 84 minutes, Beijing and more law-abiding ball, Pishi Cech right pass, Ramos leaping header, the score becomes 2-1! Most 91 minutes, a long pass Ramos fought back, Mkhitaryan face of attack Bowman selfless ball to Aubameyang, Aubameyang hit the air lock Dingsheng Ju, 3-1! Eventually, as the referee's whistle, game over, reversal of Borussia Dortmund 3-1 Hoffenheim.

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