[FIFA News] Florentino first attack after Benitez class

2/18/2016 5:36:30 PM

Benitez came in tonight BT Sport Commentary Real Madrid against Roma, the Champions League play-off match, before explanation, Benitez was asked why so difficult to coach Real Madrid, Benitez gives his own interpretation.

Benitez said: "It's hard to explain the problem you need to know what happened to Real Madrid in recent years, you can see a lot of change in recent years, Real Madrid coach: Camacho, Bosque, Pellegrini, Mourinho, Ancelotti ...... this is not easy. in this position, you have everything to be perfect. Once you have done something wrong or the Chairman think you did something wrong, then you stalls thing and I think we've done very well, obviously we look forward to later in the league better, we had a similar experience. we were two games a week, and then will usher in a week for five consecutive weeks of a season . we were confident that we can play well, but tensions remain. there are fans, there is also the Chairman, so the coach of Real Madrid. "

The key to win the league lies persist, because your opponent, Barcelona, ​​they have shaped the system and style of play. Real Madrid each season for the coach to start again, so they only took one in nearly seven years Champions League, Atletico Madrid took a while Barca took five. since becoming Real Madrid president Florentino since Barcelona has got more than twice as Real Madrid's championship trophy. Barca has been adhering to their philosophy and style of play, so they are successful. "Benitez added.

"My assistant told me that the President of the pressure is everywhere, as if he is on your side, and the exchange of players, and media communication. It's not easy for a coach, especially after you coached in England again Chair see every day in the media and players and chatter. "Benitez said.

For problems currently facing Real Madrid, Benitez said: "Florentino has done well in business, but in football, Barcelona has been winning, that will be placed Real Madrid disadvantage so Flo. Florentino make a change in order to catch up with Barcelona, ​​but Barca win you win, you can hardly catch up with him, which is a problem. "

Commenting on whether dismissal was angry, Benitez said: "There is a little angry, but more sad I spent 20 years in Madrid, I found joining Real Madrid we have great players. but I do not let things I wanted it to, it makes me very sad. "

Commenting on his training methods, Benitez said: "Zidane training methods training body some more, after he is such a method which is different with my training methods in Italy, we are in the ball. to improve the team's physical condition under the circumstances. now let Zidane often in training players ran for half an hour, which he had at Juventus training methods. but now Real Madrid's style did not change much, because players still the same people. "

For Zidane current achievements, Benitez said: "Zidane beginning of the game is very easy, especially at home, when they are away to Real Betis on a problem, and fighting off Granada It exposed the bigger problem. "

Benitez also evaluated the C Lo: "I think C Lo will love the way my training, because we were training there is a ball, like all those great players training with the ball .C Lo is a very competitive and the ambition of the player, he always hoped to win, hope goals, which is very good.

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