[FIFA News] Ozil Real Madrid has the right to repurchase exposure priority

1/26/2016 5:32:44 PM

Football leaks network today has exposed a transfer contract transaction heavyweight pile, this time caught the Arsenal star Ozil. 2013 summer move from Real Madrid, he was the gunman made public contract.

From this contract, the arsenal of Ozil paid 44 million euros (then 36 million pounds), the money will be paid in three installments over two years. In addition, in the first six years after Ozil to the team, the Arsenal each get a Champions League qualification, they need to pay one million euros to Real Madrid.

In addition, the contract also joined the Madrid repo terms. Real Madrid, the Spanish club has the right to match any priority out of the offer. Once Arsenal Ozil higher than the 50 million euros (38 million pounds) sold to other Spanish clubs, Real Madrid from Arsenal to earn up to a maximum one-third of profits.

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