[FIFA News] Klopp invited to lunch to celebrate Christmas Red Army team

12/13/2015 8:06:30 AM

According to the "Mirror" reported that Liverpool coach Klopp Red Army soldiers will be invited to lunch, to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

Because of the busy schedule, Liverpool player for two consecutive years to cancel the pre-Christmas party, and this year they had not prepared exception. But after Klopp learned the news, he decided to invite the team to lunch, to celebrate the arrival of Christmas. According Liverpool tradition, the team coach will normally be invited to the coaching staff before Christmas dinner together, but Klopp prepare altered tradition.

A source revealed Liverpool, said: "The players had prepared the third consecutive year to cancel the Christmas party, they party will usually be postponed until next year, but we have at least seven games in January next year, so they have abandoned the idea. "

"Klopp hear a player say that he had never attended the Christmas party in Liverpool, so Klopp make a decision, he did not want to arm the players regret that the traditional Liverpool coach is to ask the coaches and clubs work people eat, Klopp stressed that this should invite players, including their wives or girlfriends. This is just a small gesture of goodwill, but the players and their families are very grateful. "

Reported that the dinner will be arranged in December 20 game with Watford the day after, the location is in the vicinity of a restaurant in Southport. Last year, Klopp at Dortmund also invited to dinner with the players. Hornets was poor performance in the league, the league countdown. In the last game before the winter break, Werder Bremen lost 1-2 in Dortmund, eat 17 games in the first 10 games defeat.

In the way back, the players received a Klopp messages sent to invite them gathered together. SMS said: "Do not think this is for your choice, we have to, one must not less." In the second half of next season, Dortmund player morale, and ultimately won the league seventh district to return to the war in Europe.

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